Painting The Landscape
I have painted the landscape all my professional life. My approach to landscape painting is vastly different from that of my figurative work.  With the landscape, I strive to convey a "feeling" or "sensuality" of place. I am either bushwalking or driving through a region, it is the sensory experience of being immersed in a landscape, that informs the work. 

A breeze, the smell of the earth, the texture beneath my feet, the harshness of the sun upon dry dancing trees; these are the elements I try to capture in paint. What it feels like to be there, to be in a sense, part of a place. In painting the landscape, I endevour to strike a balance between my perceptual sensitivities and that which I see. I want to be true to the formations and contours, the structure and composition, whilst simultaneously imbue the work with the atmosphere that particular place embodied. My paintings are personal experiences of each location. References are studied and recorded, colour, texture, light and movement. The landscape also presents us with an energy of form, it is the very essence of that energy I seek to capture.
Into The Outback
I have always, like many Australian artists, been drawn to exploring and painting the outback. There is an undeniable attraction to the idea of crossing vast swathes of desert country, journeying into territory so many artists have ventured into before. Wanting to see and experience what others have, with your own eyes, your own perception, and translate that experience into your own visual language. It is like a declaration of an Australian artists right of passage.

Ever since I was an art student, I entertained the idea of going "out there". It has taken me over two decades to finally create the opportunity of fulfilling that desire. I do not regret the length of time it has taken to realise this passion. Like many artists, it takes years for us to find our language, make mistakes, master techniques and materials; to become adequately capable of creating work with integrity and humble honesty of our chosen subject.
I fell in love with this place. The remoteness. The isolation. The long never ending red dirt roads. The solitude. The silence. The sheer beauty and majesty of Mutawintji Gorge. Crossing the desert, I spent an entire day exploring the Gorge, nowhere near long enough, but enough to know I must return. The inspiration I gained from one day in this sacred place, continues to flow into painting after painting.

"Mutawintji National Park displays the classic outback landscape for which Australia is famous around the world. Driving along red dirt roads among rugged gorges and desert, against the backdrop of the ever-changing colour of the Byngnano Ranges, you'll discover the peace and space of the desert. Beyond the ridges, the saltbush and mulga plains stretch to the horizon..." (source: National Parks NSW).
Kinchega - Menindee Lakes
Arriving at Menindee Lake, Kinchega NP, was truly my first outback experience. This was the beginning of the real outback Australia I hoped to find. I stayed on the edge of the "then" dry lake in rather rough accomodation. It was the perfect way to begin my outback journey. The mighty Darling River Gums, the strangled limbs of struggling muddy trees, the ravaged dry skeletal landscape; the antithesis of the healthy flowing river. These extremes create a jolt to ones physical presence. The challenge being to capture and express that jolt through my own visual language.

"This is the traditional land of the Paakantji nation who came together to share the bounty of the flood. These river people caught fish by spearing from a canoe or while diving and used nets and fish traps made from baskets. Artefacts and special sites in the area date back an incredible 35,000 years". (source: National Parks NSW).

"Featuring the mesmerising Menindee Lake system with its wonderful array of birdlife and haunting river red gums, Kinchega National Park offers visitors a unique experience of the Australian outback". (source: Visit NSW).
A vast and varied range of locations were explored throughout the duration of this Landscape Painting Road Trip.
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Sandy Hollow NSW, Giants Leap, Goulburn River NP, Wollemi NP, Wurrumbungles NP, Pilliga & Timmallallie Forests, Broken Hill, Cumborah Opal Fields, Kinchega NP, Menindee Lakes, Perry Sandhills Wentworth, Byfield State Forest Qld, Blackdown Tablelands NP Qld, Mutawintji NP, Yengo NP, Cania Gorge Qld, Buddaroo NP, Kinka Beach Qld, Hay Plains, Murrumbidgee River, Murray Darling River Confluence, Qld Central Highlands, Snowy Mountains... and many places in between.