​​​Landscape Paintings 2018

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  1. View From Tracy’s Place
    View From Tracy’s Place
  2. Grenfell Study
    Grenfell Study
  3. Tracy’s Place
    Tracy’s Place
  4. Across the Field
    Across the Field
  5. Weddin Mountains
    Weddin Mountains
  6. Old Sydney Road Poplars (SOLD)
    Old Sydney Road Poplars (SOLD)
  7. Autumn on Grosvenor Street (SOLD)
    Autumn on Grosvenor Street (SOLD)
  8. Autumn Yass Valley Way
    Autumn Yass Valley Way
  9. Driving Down Yass Street (SOLD)
    Driving Down Yass Street (SOLD)
  10. Beyond the Oval
    Beyond the Oval
  11. Storm approaching Breadalbane
    Storm approaching Breadalbane
  12. The Rainmaker (SOLD)
    The Rainmaker (SOLD)
  13. Storm over Yass Valley Way (SOLD)
    Storm over Yass Valley Way (SOLD)
  14. Storm over Cullerin
    Storm over Cullerin
  15. Minervois
  16. Villeneuve-sur-Yonne (Paris to Narbonne)
    Villeneuve-sur-Yonne (Paris to Narbonne)
  17. Meyssiez (Paris to Narbonne)
    Meyssiez (Paris to Narbonne)
  18. Civrieux (Paris to Narbonne)
    Civrieux (Paris to Narbonne)
  19. Villeneuve-sur-Yonne II (Paris to Narbonne)
    Villeneuve-sur-Yonne II (Paris to Narbonne)
  20. Paris to Narbonne
    Paris to Narbonne
  21. Paris to Narbonne II
    Paris to Narbonne II
  22. Road to Paraza - Sainte Valiére
    Road to Paraza - Sainte Valiére
  23. Vineyards at Dusk Sainte Valiére
    Vineyards at Dusk Sainte Valiére
  24. Meyssiez II (Paris to Narbonne)
    Meyssiez II (Paris to Narbonne)
  25. Road to Minerve
    Road to Minerve