​​​​​Sainte-Valiére France 2018​

Landscape Studies created whilst Artist-in-Residence
at Hôtel Sainte Valière in the South of France.

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  1. Sainte-Valière for Mary (SOLD)
    Sainte-Valière for Mary (SOLD)
  2. Sainte-Valière & Paraza
    Sainte-Valière & Paraza
  3. Vineyards of Sainte-Valière
    Vineyards of Sainte-Valière
  4. Road Into Sainte-Valière
    Road Into Sainte-Valière
  5. Road to Paraza (SOLD)
    Road to Paraza (SOLD)
  6. Minerve France
    Minerve France
  7. Paraza from The Vineyards (SOLD)
    Paraza from The Vineyards (SOLD)
  8. Picnic at Canal du Midi
    Picnic at Canal du Midi
  9. The Road to Half-Hut
    The Road to Half-Hut
  10. The Road to Minerve
    The Road to Minerve
  11. Across the Vineyards Sainte-Valière
    Across the Vineyards Sainte-Valière
  12. View from Hôtel Sainte Valière
    View from Hôtel Sainte Valière